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Fresno Outdoors

For the active outdoors type, there are biking and jogging trails at Woodward Park and Old Town Clovis. There is a lovely Japanese Garden called Shinzen Garden located inside Woodward Park.

There are many private and public golf courses in Fresno and the Fresno area to choose from.

Basketball and Tennis courts are available in the parks throughout Fresno and Clovis. There is also a skateboard park in Fresno and another in Clovis.

There are several lakes north of Fresno. The closer ones are Lost Lake which is a great place to go for fishing and picnics (and a shady sanctuary during the hot summer days!) and Millerton Lake, which is a local favorite for boating, jet skiing, fishing and camping.

You could also swim but let me warn you - the water is very cold, even in the summer! Yes, we are speaking from experience! Biking is possible on the paved roads or on the single track bike path. Both Lost Lake and Millerton Lakes are in Friant, just north of Fresno off Friant Road.

The other popular lakes in the area are Huntington and Shaver lakes, both located northeast of Fresno, off Highway 168 and Bass Lake, which is northeast of Fresno, off Highway 41 (east of Oakhurst). All 3 are located in the Sierra National Forest.