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Fresno Trade Schools - Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving schoolstrain student to drive and maneuver large vehicles on city streets and highways. There is a need for truck drivers in Fresno CA and central valley as they transport perishable agricultural produce from the valley to their destinations.


How to Become a Truck Driver

Here is information for those interested in becoming a truck driver in Fresno CA:

1) Licensing Requirements in California

2) Truck Driver Duties

3) Truck Driving Schools

1) Licensing Requirements in California

To drive a commercial vehicle in California, you must first get a commercial driving permit. This will allow you to drive only with a person that has a commercial driver's license.

To apply for a commercial permit, you will need to:

You will be issued a commercial driving permit once you've passed the tests. Once you have the permit, you will need to learn to drive a truck. This where the schools generally come in.

To apply for your commercial driver license you will need to:

2) Truck Driver Duties

It is obvious that truck drivers drive trucks but their responsibilities actually extend much further than that.

Truck drivers are also responsible for:

3) Truck Driving Schools

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, here are several truck driving schools in Fresno CA:

School Phone #
Advanced Truck Driving School 559.451.0578
Five Rivers Truck School 559.486.0740
Quality College of Transportation 559.497.5050
Truck Driving Academy 559.233.4700
United Truck Driving School 559.264.7071
Western Pacific Truck School 800.677.7717