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Fresno Trade Schools - Fresno Culinary Schools

Culinary schools provide training for those interested in a career in the food industry. If you'd like a career as a food preparation worker, cook or chef in the Fresno restaurant, hotel or food service industries, then a culinary education is just right for you.

Below is some info on the following:

1) Job Duties of Chef, Cook and Food Preparation Workers

2) Benefits of Culinary Training Programs

3) Show me the money!

4) Culinary Schools in Fresno


1) Job Duties of Chef, Cook and Food Preparation Workers

Chefs generally have more training than cooks. They are also typically the most senior member of the staff. Chefs are responsible for directing the activities of other kitchen workers, planning the menu, creating recipes and ordering food and supplies..

Cooks are generally responsible for the day-to-day food preparation at the restaurant or facility. There may be several cooks in the kitchen, depending on the size of the restaurant or facility. Each cook will then be responsible for a different part of the menu or a different type of food. For example, there could be pasta cooks or pastry cooks and other specialties.

Food Preparation Workers perform less skilled work and are under the supervision of chefs and cooks. For example, they may chop vegetables, prepare salads, and prepare cooking materials needed by the chef and cook.

The exact job duties of a chef, cook or preparation worker will vary with the restaurant or establishment.

2) Benefits of Culinary Training Programs

It certainly is possible to start a culinary career without official training, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. But with a culinary education, you will be paid more and your way to the top will be faster.

Culinary Schools generally offer training in:

A certificate or degree from a culinary school could allow you to start your career as a chef or cook or work at a better hotel or restaurant.

3) Show me the money!

According to the California Employment Development Department, beginner cooks and chefs may earn from minimum to $10.75 an hour. With experience, they may earn from minimum wage to $13.50 an hour. Top pay may be as high as $23 an hour.

The salary of Executive Chefs range from $40,000 to $100,000 or more a year.

The salary of a chef also varies depending on the size, location and type of establishment.

4) Culinary Schools in Fresno

Here are a few culinary schools in Fresno CA that offer training courses in culinary arts:

School Phone #
Academy of Careers in Training 559.237.3387
Quality College of Culinary Careers 559.497.5050
Institute of Technology 559.297.4500