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Licensed Contractor

To be a licensed contractor in California, you must satisfy all the requirements set by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Most community colleges offer programs such as construction technology or residential building construction. Construction schools can assist students in getting their contractors' license quicker.

There are many career opportunities for licensed contractors, especially in areas experiencing high real estate growth such as Fresno CA

Construction is one of the largest industries in California, fueled by the continued high demand for housing.

The CSLB has issued about 280,000 contractor licenses and receives another 25,000 applications for new licenses each year.

In California, all businesses, individuals, contractors, subcontractors and specialty contractors who construct or alter any building, highway, road or other structure MUST be licensed by the CSLB before submitting bids for projects costing $500 or more.

You do not need to be licensed if the project costs less than $500.

How to Become a Licensed Contractor

Here's what you need to know:

1) Licensing Requirements in California

2) How can contractor schools help you?

3) Contractor Schools

1) Licensing Requirements in California

To be licensed, you must:

2) How can contractor schools help you?

Contractor schools help students prepare for the required state Law and Business and trade examination.

The Law and Business exam consists of multiple choice questions covering 7 areas: Business Practices, Bid Preparation, Contracts, Contract Operations, Safety, Legal and Labor.

They often provide course reviews, reading material, sample test questions, all of which will help help increase the applicant's chance of passing the exam. Some contractor schools will even guarantee that you pass the exam the first time or the tuition will be refunded.

3) Contractor Schools

Here are a few contractor schools that will help you to be a licensed contractor in California. You can also request information from them online:

Request info from Construction Training Schools in CA

School Phone #
Allied Schools 888.501.7686
Associated Training Specialists 661.799.6939
Contractor State License Schools 800.459.0544