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Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants are formally trained to work under the supervision of a medical doctor, assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries.

They perform the less complex time-consuming tasks generally done by doctors.

Physician Assistants interview patients, take medical histories, give physical examinations, and order laboratory tests.

They perform routine therapeutic procedures: giving injections and immunizations, cleaning and stitching minor wounds, applying splints, removing casts, and routine laboratory procedures.

By completing the more routine tasks, Physician Assistants allow doctors more time to treat gravely ill patients.

Some Physician Assistants help physicians in such specialty areas as pediatrics or surgery.

Physician Assistants specialties include child health associates, urologic Physician Assistants, surgeon assistants, and emergency room Physician Assistants.



Job Outlook

Possible Career Paths for Physician Assistants include becoming a: