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Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists assist people with mental, developmental, physical disabilities, or temporary injuries to help them develop or recover daily living, work, and social skills.

Occupational Therapists frequently work with other health care professionals to develop a rehabilitation plan that meets the patient's physical and psychological needs.

Therapists may introduce clients to a variety of activities to restore function, such as physical coordination exercises, paper and pencil exercises or computer programs.

They also instruct those with permanent disabilities in the use of adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and aids for eating and dressing.

Therapist duties include writing evaluations and progress reports to track the client's progress and to update the treating physician.

Occupational Therapists may also supervise the work activities of occupational therapist assistants, or aides who assist clients with the less complex tasks of the treatment plan.

The goal of the Occupational Therapist is to help individuals lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.



Job Outlook

Possible Career Paths for Occupational Therapists include becoming a :