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Cardiovascular Technologists

Cardiovascular Technologists assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac (heart) and vascular (blood) ailments.

Cardiovascular Technologists may specialize in one of the following areas: Invasive cardiology, Echocardiography, and Vascular technology.

Invasive Cardiovascular Technologists assist physicians with cardiac catheterization procedures in which a small tube, or catheter, is wound through a patient's blood vessel from a spot on the patient's leg into the heart.

The procedure can determine if a blockage exists in the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle.

Part of the procedure may involve balloon angioplasty, which can be used to treat blockages of blood vessels or heart valves, without the need for heart surgery.

Echocardiograph Technologists perform non-invasive tests using ultrasound equipment.

This procedure sends sound waves into the patient's body and processes echoes of the sound waves to form an image of the heart.

The Technologists record the image for review and diagnosis by a physician.

Vascular Technologists assist physicians with the diagnosis of circulation disorders.

They use ultrasound equipment to record vascular blood flow, blood pressure, limb volume changes, and oxygen saturation. These tests are generally performed during or immediately after surgery.




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Possible Career Paths for a Cardiovascular Technologist include becoming a: