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Fresno State University

Fresno State University or California State University, Fresno was founded as Fresno State Normal School in 1911.

It became a teacher's college in 1921, and has offered advanced degrees since 1949.

The university sits on a 327-acre main campus and a 1,083-acre University Farm. Total students enrolled are over 20,000.

It offers 56 majors for Bachelor's degrees, 40 majors in master's degree and one doctorate in the following academic schools and divisions:

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An interesting but somewhat less known fact about the university is that it is the only university campus in the U.S that has a licensed, bonded, commercial winery!

Their wines have won many awards and are sold at the local stores as well as online at their Fresno State Winery website.

Proceeds from the sale of the wines go to the Viticulture and Enology program. Their unique program focuses on giving students practical hands-on learning experience from fermenting the grapes to making and marketing the wine!

According to a San Francisco Chronicle article, if you want to be a California winemaker, you either attend Fresno State or University of California, Davis (which supposedly focuses more on theoretical aspects of wine-making). So the next time you're drinking a glass of California wine, remember that there's a high probability that a graduate of Fresno State was involved in making the wine!

Another note of interest to the Fresno public is that there is a 12-lane bowling alley in Fresno State.

The bowling alley is located in the Recreation Center in Fresno State and IS open to non-Fresno State students.

The Recreation (Rec) Center also features billiards and video games. The rates for those activities are very reasonable.

For example, bowling rates as of January 2005 are $2.85 per game for non-Fresno State students and only $0.75 for shoe rental.

Most bowling alleys in the city charge $3-$4 per game and $3 for shoe rental.

Most universities have Rec Centers these days which provide fun activities for their students. The University of California, Davis has one and so does UC Berkeley.

It's generally cheap to use the facilities because well, students are almost always broke!

So check out the Recreation Center whether you just want to save some money or relive your college days.

You can reach the Rec Center at 559.278.2015.

The university is located in Fresno at 5150 N Maple Ave, Fresno CA 93740. Contact number is 559.278.4240