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Large Size Christmas Wreath

If you're looking for a large size christmas wreath that is tough and will stand up to the weather, this is it. Check it out below:

4-Foot  Diameter Wreath

4-Foot Diameter Large Size Christmas Wreath

This is the giant commercial-grade wreath used to decorate village commons. Unlike thin wreaths that lie flat against a wall or window, this rounded wreath extends away from surfaces, making it the thickest, fullest wreath available.

This pre-lit wreath is made with double-ply PVC, resulting in more robust UV-resistant foliage with a natural appearance that won't crush, bend, or fade. The heavy-gauge steel frame will not droop like other varieties.

Professionally woven light strands have bright, commercial grade 200 Miliamp lights (the brightest, longest lasting lights available) with specially-tapered light clips that protect the bulbs and enhance their brightness.

Also Available in 5 foot and 6 foot diameter:

5 Foot Diameter Large Size Christmas Wreath  

6 Foot Diameter Large Size Christmas Wreath