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Fresno Spanish Restaurant - La Paella Reviews

To our knowledge, there is only one Fresno Spanish Restaurant (for now). Luckily, it's a good one! :) Tapas, paella and sangria - what's not to love?

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Here are the restaurant reviews: La Paella
1137 E Champlain Dr, Fresno CA 93720

Location tip: This Fresno Spanish Restaurant is located in the Washington Square Shopping Center at Champlain and Perrin. Look for the SaveMart.

Fresnohub Reader review, submitted June 25, 2005: This is one of our favorite places for dinner. The food is very good, if not perfect, but the entire experience is very enjoyable. Prices are very reasonable for both food and wine (all Spanish), and there has been live classical guitar music at just the right volume level every time we have been there. Its a bit small and crowded, and occasionally the noise level is elevated, but that also seems to add to the atmosphere. On top of that, the owner is a wonderful host. I highly recommend La Paella.

Our Review: We love tapas and we can get some of that at La Paella. If you like to try one of everything, get the tapas combination plate. The garlic shrimp served flaming is always an attraction. Seafood paella and sangrias round up the dinner.

Not sure how often they have this, but when we were there, there was a classical guitarist who serenaded us while we ate.