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Reviews of Fresno Mexican Restaurants

There are many more Fresno Mexican Restaurants than we can count. So, we'll post the reviews as we eat our way through them.

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Here are the reviews:

La Posada Restaurant
311 Pollasky Avenue
Clovis, CA

Location: This Mexican Restaurant is located in Old Town Clovis.

Review: Las Posada is located in a quaint old yellow house. As you enter the restaurant, it feels like you're walking into your grandmother's living room! The room is not large but fits about 4 to 5 reasonably-sized tables.

We had the Chile Verde and Beef Quesadilla, which were both delicious. Prices are very reasonable too, which is always a plus.

This is a great restaurant try out when you're in the Old Town Clovis area.

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill
7664 North Blackstone Ave.
Fresno, CA 93720-4300

Location tip: This Fresno Mexican Restaurant is located in the River park shopping area.

Review: This restaurant is in River Park near the Border's book store. It serves varied and affordable Mexican fare. The staff is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is laid back, it's a "come as you are" kind of place. Very popular with families with kids. There is an outdoor patio eating area where you can people watch as well as eat! We're fond of the "Health Mex" items, which use wheat flour tortillas. The Health Mex Burrito is only $5.55 and it's filling [and I can eat!]. The combo is only $6.25; our favorite is the chicken burrito plus mahi-mahi taco. In summary: fast, tastes good, easy on the wallet, fun place.

Plaza Ventana

2 locations:

1) 5088 N Blackstone Ave (just north of Shaw), Fresno CA 93710
2) 3173 W Shaw Ave (E/Valentine Ave), Fresno CA 93711

Location tip: Head east on Shaw past Valentine. Restaurant is in the complex on your right just east of Feland Avenue.

Review: Plaza Ventana serves a complimentary basket of delicious, warm tortilla chips along with 3 types of salsa after they seat you. If you love shrimp and crab, chances are you will love their Mariscos Burrito! That burrito is stuffed with shrimp, crab meat, corn, lettuce and beans (ask to replace the beans with rice if you prefer).

If you cannot decide between carne asada or chile verde, why not have both - half of each? That's exactly what you get if you order the Double Whammy. Try it, it is delicious! Total bill for 2 entrees and 2 strawberry margaritas always seem to come up to approximately $40.

There are many Fresno Mexican restaurants but this is our favorite. We've eaten at both locations and didn't sense a difference in the quality of food or service in either location. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) tend to be quite busy at both locations so if you don't want to wait in line, try to get there before 6pm.

El Pollo Loco
6499 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93710
Location tip: On Blackstone Ave, just north of Sierra Ave. If you're heading north on Blackstone from Sierra, the restaurant is on your left hand side.

Review: This is a restaurant chain which has 3 locations in town. The main attraction here is the flame-grilled marinated chicken (the chicken reminds us of the delicious rotiserrie chicken you can get from many street corners in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The stores don't look like much but the chicken sure were yummy!)

The grilled chicken at El Pollo Loco is tasty, fast, reasonably-priced and messy (or maybe WE are just messy eaters?)- you will need to get your hands dirty to eat it! Only negative was that the location we went to was not that clean. Take-out may be a good option.

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Sal's Mexican Restaurant
7476 N Fresno St, Fresno CA 93720
Location tip: This Fresno Mexican restaurant is located in the shopping complex at the Northeast corner of Fresno and Alluvial.

Review: This is a local favorite Fresno Mexican restaurant. Specialties include the ribs and Karl's burrito. The weekend we were there they had a magician going from table to table performing some magic tricks. Kids love it!

Antonio's Mexican Restaurant
7959 N Blackstone Ave

Location tip: This Fresno Mexican restaurant is located in the Villagio Shopping complex, at the Southwest corner of Nees and Blackstone.

Review: Chips tasted stale when we were there. Food was mediocre.